My name is Juliette Jeanclaude, I am an artist, actor, writer and healer, committed to the self-expression of all people!

In 2008, I found myself stuck with my creativity. I was studying set design in Central Saint Martins, didn’t like it so much, was dreaming of being an actress and painting giant canvases, but I didn’t have the space, the energy, the confidence. I didn’t allow myself to shine! Instead I had a burning desire inside me and could only cry.

…Until magic happened!

I discovered “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, moved house, changed friends, started to understand the laws of the universe and one day, I solemnly committed to do what I always wanted to do and make my life the life of my dreams. I stood in the middle of my room looking beyond the window and I sent three wishes to the universe:
A few days later, I discovered Biodanza (a dance that heals) and Intuitive Painting (Painting that heals!). I started painting again, and dancing and even performing!

How could I share these discoveries to the world?

My mum offered me “Le Journal Créatif” by Anne-Marie Jobin (listen to her interview there) and I realized all the processes I have been doing to myself with painting are called “art therapy exercises” ! They need to be taught in schools, in hospitals, everywhere!

I founded Healing Creativity in January 2010 and started sharing my tools. I now have created several courses to reconnect to our inner artist and live a life we love.

Art can heal us by transforming our energy.

This desire to awaken people’s creativity comes from a big pain, a suffering I have linked to creativity. I have bullied my own creativity by letting other people and myself despise it. To recover, I had to go on a long transformational journey of self – discovery. I still am on this journey.

autoportrait-tablier-webI keep discovering hundreds of tools to see life without the glasses of my belief system but with the eyes of unconditional love. I’ve learned about the chakras, Buddha, Jesus, souls and angels, the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, Lise Bourbeau, Laura Hollick, met Louise Hay, Sonia Choquette, Julia Camearon and specailly three amazing people who have become my mentors: Kath Burlinson, Nancy Spanier and Paul Oertel.

They have taught me to embrace the whole of who I am, my background, my presence and my wishes. Earlier, I had discovered my natural talent as a coach during Train the Trainer at T. Harv Eker Business School in London, grew my experience of self through shamanism with Dr Jacques Mabit and Tegwyn Hyndman and my ability to feel subtle energies thanks to my training as a energy healer (Helios School of Healing).

My favorite artistic mediums are dance (15 years of ballet, 5 years of Chantraine Dance of Expression, 3 years of Biodanza), physical theatre (Kate Hilder, John Britton), acting (Translantic Films), painting (I studied with Gilles Marrey in L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris) and poetry.

Life is a gift, make it yours. Live your dreams!


See my work as a painter & performer: http://www.JulietteJeanclaude.com
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“Everyone is an Artist and everyone is a Healer.
When you speak, when you cook, when you think, you create. You create all the time.
When you start creating consciously, you become a powerful healer.”
Juliette Jeanclaude