Entre ciel et Terre: Chantraine Performance in Le Théâtre du Chatelêt Paris

Tomorrow morning I’m taking the train to Paris… I’m going to dance all the week-end!!! Rehearsing for the final show that will take place on Sunday the 2nd of May 2010!

More than 400 dancers aged 5 to 85 on the stage of the Théâtre du Chatelêt in Paris!!

“Entre ciel et Terre” is choreographed by Françoise Chantraine and opens with “The Albatross” inhabited by both French and English dancers from the Company…

Did you know that a grown up albatross is three meters wide when his wings are spread out?

Big birds!

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2 thoughts on “Entre ciel et Terre: Chantraine Performance in Le Théâtre du Chatelêt Paris”

  1. Hi Juliette,
    Thanks for the wonderful photos! You happen to be the only person on the net to have posted the 2d of May Chatelet photos. Do you have more? ;)) I danced les Sables Brulants (orange!) and can’t wait to see photos and/or video ….
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Paris!
    Ps: or maybe you could kindly send some photos on my email … I would really appreciate that!

  2. Hello Masha! Thank you for your kind words. I double checked, but I didn’t take any pictures of Burning Sands.All the pictures shown on the website or from the rehearsal on Friday night… I don’t know why I don’t have some… Too bad!
    I hope you enjoyed dancing in such a wonderful theatre!! Love,

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