Open Studios 2010

Euroart Open Studios 2010 were awesome! It is a delight to be able to offer people the chance to show our work and exchange passions. See you next year!!

“You have a bunch of very talented artists!”

“The quality of the work here is excellent, you need press coverage for your next open studios!”

The artists in their studio (from left to right, top to bottom)

Corridor Unit 6
“Studios Studios”
Teresa Hale, artist
Corridor Unit 5
Kaila Simmonds, painter
Laurence Glazier, music composer
Phaedon Constantinidis, painter
Maria Papandrea, costume designer
Raymond Isaac, artist
Nathalie Guinamard, artist
Sonya Sabbagh, print making
In front of the Silent Auction (3pictures)
Lorraine Clarke, artist
Rosalie Pryor, illustrator
Jim Pimkin, painter
Juliette Jeanclaude, painter

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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