Healing… When the intention is set, everything becomes possible!

As you see on the title of this blog, my three passions are “Dancing, Painting, Healing“.

When someone comes to my studio, we dance together to awaken the WOLF inside ourselves, this primitive force that makes us connect with our deepest desires.

Then I start painting. On the canvas above called “Accouchement”, you can see a woman dancing. She is actually giving birth to her own wolf!

So, when does the healing part happen? From the moment the person sets the intention to awaken their wolf, to reconnect with their intuition. And every second after that.

The intention is the key!

This painting is part of a tryptic. I will very soon post a video explaining the process of my work!

I wish you a wolfy day!


PS: I said earlier I committed to write everyday on my blog. But in the life I create, I go everyday to my art studio and sometimes there is no space for a post on my blog!

From now on, I write as often as inspiration and time conspire to create a space for words on my computer!

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

2 thoughts on “Healing… When the intention is set, everything becomes possible!”

  1. Juliette, thank you for this. I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by your work. You like your nudes, don’t you – is that because you are better able to capture the ‘real person’, the spirit? Do you not find that ‘ordinary people’ (i.e. not models) are anxious about nudity?

    By the way, on your paintings page I spotted this small error: “Women who run with woves” should be “.. wolves”.


  2. Thank you JP. Mmm… I just wanted to juxtapose nude and people wearing clothes to give the feeling that there’s not so much difference… When you look in the eyes, where you were pink, blue or nothing, we’re all the same! Same same but different! 🙂

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