In 2012, I met Kevin Bisbangian and we decided to make a movie about my paintings and my poems…
Kevin has created a beautiful 30min documentary called “Poetic Emotion”.
It has been awarded “Best short Documentary” at the Saint Tropez International Film Festival and Kevin has been nominated for best director.

The premiere was Friday 7 June 2013: Screening of “Poetic Emotion”
followed by a Q&A. Venue: KLT (Khallili Lecture Theatre) SOAS University of London, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 13.27.43

To buy or read the first pages of the book that inspired the movie, click here:

Poems on the Bus  written and illustrated by Juliette Jeanclaude.



Poetic Emotion

A glimpse into the fascinating world of an artist at work…
Kevin Bisbangian’s short film has imaginatively connected the viewer to the passion, emotion and inspired creativity that is Juliette Jeanclaude. Combining painting, poetry, dance, meditation, movement and music a fascinating assortment of art is created. Representing her desire to see from her heart, Juliette literally paints an eye on the heart in one of her striking works. Working in her studio, we are taken deep into the mind and soul of a unique woman. Painting the portrait of a woman involves not just the model sitting for the artist in the traditional sense but a union between artist and sitter through touch, movement and dance so the artist and model develop a relationship which transcends to the finished painting. Vibrant colours are built up in a patchwork design producing bold, striking, emotional works. Juliette wears her heart on her sleeve and it seems to slip down to the paintbrush and fall onto the canvas where love, emotion and beauty are ejected from the heart. There is a sense of tenderness and poignancy throughout the film, but also the sensation that we have been on a mesmerising voyage through the life and soul of the artist as well as the film maker himself.
© 2012 Judith Wyler

Hand Made: Three wishes

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.42.51

In 2012, Romina Rovira called me as she wanted to create a 2min movie about someone who makes things with her hands. She created a gorgeous little film capturing the essential of my work: my three wishes.

The three wishes I sent to the universe in 2008 when I decided to take ownership of my gifts and my life…

Hand Made: Three Wishes

from Romina Rovira

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