Euroart Launch Party: such a good feeling to see my paintings on the wall and meet Ralph T. Hutchings!

It was so hard to stretch my canvases! But I finally managed! Thanks to Gilles Marrey’s advice:

“Start from the middle of each side. Then staple towards the right from the middle to each corner. Always stretching if the opposite side has been previously stapled! End with the corners.”

After three days of stretching and mounting and hanging, I was finally ready to welcome friends, collectors and eccentric people in my studio, all coming for the Euroart Launch Party last Friday 23rd April 2010!We were 32 artists to open our studios and show our work.

I showed Femme Sauvage, Louves Noires, Incarnation and a new series of paintings of Couples Making Love.

I met Ralph T Hutching and Jonathan Price working on a TV series called “Man of no ambition”. Ralph defines himself as a man of no ambition as he has never wanted to achieve anything but has become a master in five domains including anatomy drawing and wood carving.

I said: “I am a woman full of ambition!”
He replied: “I am a man of no ambition, if you ask me to create an airplane, I’ll do my best to do it, if you ask me to clean the windows, I’ll do my best to do it.”
I said: “If I ask you to model for me so I can do a portrait of your inner wolf, you would do your best to do it?”
He said: “Yes”


It was such a good feeling to have space to show Tryptic Personal Legend. And see my friends…

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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