UNDER THE MOON @ Crypt gallery 24 JUNE 2010 @ 6-9pm: Wolf paintings in London!

MY FIRST EXHIBITION in London is coming up! Wolf! Wolf!

For those who don’t know, I’m painting the wolf inside people!

I’m sharing my wild talent with 7 extraordinary artists UNDER THE MOON at the Crypt Gallery St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London NW1 2BA. The exhibition is from 25 JUNE to 13  JULY 2010.

2 important dates to note down in your diary:

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 24 JUNE 2010 @ 6-9pm.

Wine and celebrities of course. I want to see YOU there!

PERFORMANCES: Saturday 26 JUNE Full Moon afternoon @ 1-6pm. Donovan is opening the afternoon!!

For those who missed me in Bristol, I’m doing it again in the Crypt Gallery at around 3pm on Saturday 26 June! The shaman in me is teaming up with Albi Gravener’s saxophonist genius and Nick Marangoni’s drummer master to call the WOLF and awaken the creative spirit inside ONE member of the audience. Do YOU want to be THE ONE?

Enjoy your day!

Lots of hugs,

Juliette Jeanclaude

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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