Painting London with chalk board paint on the wall of a twins’ bedroom!

On Wednesday, I was looking for some new pastels for my workshop on Saturday (Revive the Artist in You!) when I heard a woman explaining to the man working there: “I need someone to do the outline of a drawing from a postcard”… I just came to her, and said: ” I’m a painter, maybe I can help you”. She showed me a postcard by Alice Palace of the skyline of London and said, I want the same but big and turquoise and mauve on the wall of my children’s bedroom, painted with chalk board paint so they can scribble on it!


So today I just spent four and half hours drawing and painting London’s Tower Bridge and Birds and Gerking on the wall of her twins’ bedroom! Awesome experience! So fun and inspiring! I want to do more! And invent my own design! This woman had such a great idea!

If you are up for it! Let me know! I’ll come and paint London or Wonderland on your wall!

Or you can do it yourself:

a) b)

a) Detailed version of a grid (Here the Taaj Mahal – don’t know why!)     b) Spontaneous version of the grid (mine!)

1) Simply photocopy the postcard / photo of what you want to reproduce

2) Draw a simple grid on it

3) Reproduce the grid on the wall. You first need to find the middle of the wall (in the width) and then the middle in the height. Then the middle of the middle. Use a ruler to find the middle.

4) Then you can use your instinct to fill the rectangles with your drawing! And your eyes of course, but keep looking at the original postcard all the time!


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