Performance @ CryptGallery 26 June 2010: Calling the wolf for a message from the Earth!! WAW!

I need to tell you the story of the performance! I needed a volunteer to make her portrait during the performance. I had picked up someone on Thursday on my opening night, and on Saturday morning I met this amazing woman with deep wolf eyes. I told her “I want to paint you”. She said: “Great! What do I need to do?” Just be there with me, I said, my intention is to call the shaman in me to awaken the wolf-creativity inside you and by the way to anyone in the audience, with the help of two musicians. “May I show you the picture of my dog?” Her dog is a wolf!!!! The performance was so intense I  had to stay several minutes by myself afterwards… Thank you for all who were there!!

“The message of the Earth”: Live performance with Juliette Jeanclaude (Painter/Performer) Albi Gravener (Saxohonist) and Nick Marangoni (Drummer). And Michelle (courageous volunteer). Photos by Vincent Leleux and Isabelle de Charon. Thank you!

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PS: Watch the video below!

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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