Apoto Esoteriko 2009

“APOTO ESOTERIKO, feeling the self, autoportraits par le ressenti” is an exhibition of self-portraits from the inside. Tryptics and cells… by Juliette Jeanclaude.

APOTO ESOTERIKO-feeling the self, autportraits par le ressenti.
I had a vision: we are made of a million of cells, cells of anger, cells of beauty, that we can arrange the way we want! It led to a series of seven tryptics of self-portraits. The exhibition was held at Booze Cooperativa, Athens, from 10th to 25th of February 2009.

Dear dreamers, children and hearts,
I am very happy and very proud to present you my first exhibition of self-portraits!

The exhibition is on from the 10th to the 25th of February 2009, in Booze Cooperativa, 57 Kolokotroni, Athens, Greece.
The opening night is at 8pm on Tuesday the 10th of February!

Tryptic 20 November 2009

APOTO ESOTERIKO-feeling the self, autoportraits par le ressenti is a series of self-portraits that I started in October 2008 after I had a very precise vision of myself: I am made of a multitude of cells and each of them means something specific about my physical state and also about my emotionnal state. I can organise them the way I decide, bringing closer the cell of beauty for a moment and putting away the cell of anger. From that has come a series of tryptics following a common rhythm but often in a different manner: a portrait with a mirror, a portrait with the dots, a portrait free of any constraint but always, from the inside. That day when I realised the power I had within myself, I asked to come closer the cells of peace and confidence.

With love and faith in all your highest dreams
Have a beautiful day!

Tryptic 14 January 2009

n°3 2 Février 2009 Je crée un moi plus beau un moi plus doux à deux mains. Juliette je t’aime

n°3 2nd of February 2009 I create a more beautiful self a softer self with both hands. Juliette I love you

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