Under the Moon 2010

Thursday 24th June 2010: UNDER THE MOON EXHIBITION

PRIVATE VIEW 6 to 9pm : I have been showing my sacred WOLF paintings !

Sharing the subterranean space of the Crypt gallery with 7 other artists.

SATURDAY the 26th June : full moon afternoon of PERFORMANCES!

The shaman in me is teaming up with Albi Gravener’s saxophone to call the WOLF and awaken the creative spirit inside ONE member of the audience. Do YOU want to be THE ONE?

see more pictures: http://juliettejeanclaude.com/painting/performance-cryptgallery-26-june-2010-calling-the-wolf-for-a-message-from-the-earth-waw/

24th June- 13th July 2010, Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA, London.

All info:

Intention: “I show excellent paintings and drawings of the WOLF. I create a breathtaking performance. I collaborate with the seven other artists with love and creativity. I meet wonderful people and specially gallery owners, art collectors, and people passionate about wolves, the power of intention, creation, art, mind, thoughts, vibration.

I get a space for a solo exhibition in 2011 and a gallery supports my work and marketing. I sell all my paintings, drawings and any art I’ve shown in the Crypt Gallery and/or put on my website. I’m open to any form of success. I spend a beautiful time with my friends and family. Thank you.”

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