The Message of the Wolf-Performance by Juliette Jeanclaude and Albi Gravener at the Ausform Platform in Bristol 9th April 2010

At 8pm this Friday, I’ll be talking about my WOLF paintings and then performing on stage with Albi Gravener at The Cube for The Ausform Platform Event.

My talk will be about “How painting can create your reality”. I use the Law of Attraction to explain the power of thoughts, words and paintings. When I paint something, it becomes real. Imagine if I painted your highest dream!

The performance is called “The message of the Wolf” and will be an improvisation aiming to materialize the dreams of the audience, using paint and music. (Albi is a super talented saxophonist!)

So come and see us! Being part of the audience  that night means that your dreams will become matter during the performance!

It’s only 2h30 from London and £5 with National Express Coaches. Stay the night in Bristol and spend you Saturday walking along the sea!

The 9th of April is also my sister’s birthday and she’s in Australia! So if you can’t be in Bristol, think of me and think of her! Just one minute and your dreams will be on the canvas too! 🙂

Enjoy your day!


Place: The Cube Microplex, Princess Row, Bristol.
Time: 8.30pm
Cost: 5 pounds

The Ausform Platform of Performance is a Bristol based performance platform that strives to promote and encourage knowledge, appreciation, practice and conversation of performance. Expect to witness evenings full of puppetry, performance art, films, circus, physical theatre and the extra ordinary.

9th of April Featured Artist; Juliette Jeanclaude (FR/UK) an artist who celebrates life through dancing, painting and healing. She is currently painting the wolf inside people, their intuitive self. She will show some different pieces of work and talk about what she does. (More info to follow)

Juliette will be accompanied by Edward Rapley (theatre) and Elizabeth Pennington (dance). Complete line-up to follow.

Lisa Furness is the current Ausform photographer, soon you’ll be able to see images in the right column of her brilliant work.

We are always looking for pieces to program. This be digital or live pieces. Talks and istallation work welcome.
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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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