Landscape paintings

I just come back from an amazing workshop led by beautiful deep admirable woman called Kath Burlinson.
A 3 days workshop dedicated to access our own deepest artistic truth! AUTHENTIC ARTIST it is called.

My learning: “A flower doesn’t need a reason to meet the sun.” I don’t need a reason to make people’s portrait! I love it.

So I made 5 portraits of the people in the space. Looking to translate who they are. I have painted their inner landscape. I have painted their outer landscape. I have called them “Landscape Portrait”…

Here they are.  Let me know how you feel about them!
And If you want to have your own “Landscape Portrait” made, feel free to contact me:
Juliette x



“Juliette said she wanted to do my portrait
Juliette stood in front of me being a wave
Juliette danced with me
Juliette looked me in the eyes foreverJuliette heard me
Juliette felt me
Juliette felt my being
Juliette absorbed me
Thank you Juliette for a beautiful piece of me”
Bob Loyal, 25/01/13








“To be seen like this,
To be seen.
To be known like this,
As they are beyond what I can really ever see
When I look only through the eyes of my longing…”
Toni, 25/01/13

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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  1. Portraits-paysages d’une sensibilité extrême et percutante ! L’art qui touche fait mouche ! Bisous

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