au milieu du soleil

au milieu du soleil il y a l’horizon
pour un jour comme c’ui-là l’oiseau a bien raison
les plumes tachetées et le bec polisson
la mine cavalière et le corps de Jason
j’emprunte la même route celle-là de l’hiver
celle qui mène à l’été, celle qui berce mon coeur
et qui de chaque nuit fait un bain de lumière

in the middle of the sun the horizon there is
for a day like this is the bird is right he is
has speckled feathers and a beak malicious
the face of a good knight and a willing body
I fly take the same road the one of winter hills
the one of summer joys, the one that charms my heart
and makes of every night a lake a bath of light

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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