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Last Saturday, I danced all day.
Last Sunday, I danced all day.

The workshop was called “The three existential questions”. It was led by this Argentinian man, a very tender man, Carlos Garcia Varela, who trained 20 years ago with another tender man called Rolando Toro. He was tender and his voice was clear like a stream in winter:

“The problem today is that we think miracles are extraordinary things.

A flying cow! That’s a miracle!
A dead man who becomes alive again! That’s a miracle!
But hey! A man who walks, that’s also a miracle!
A man! That’s a miracle!”

I don’t even remember what the three existential questions were. I just remember the smell of my joy, the touch of his pleasure, the smile of her jumps, the swing of our circle and the songs of our prayer.

What is my real vocation?    …..
Whom do I want to be with?   ……
Where do I need to live?   ….

“I’m not here to give you answers but to ask you questions”, he said.
Thirty people dancing all together, that makes sense to me.

3questionsThank you BIODANZA

Thanks to all of you who made this Vivencia a miracle!

Thank you to Vincent who allowed me to publish at the top of this article his inspiring drawing of a Vivencia = “the present moment lived intensely ” in Biodanza language!

Feel free to visit Vincent’s website about his fantastic Biodanza weekly class in Stoke Newington, London.

Are you living in the UK and looking for a Biodanza class? Click here.

You can find here the amazing website made by Pete and Julie (both Biodanza teachers in Dorset) where you can get info on all Biodanza classes and teachers around the world! Thank you Pete for having taken the picture above!

Et pour les francophones, si vous voulez goûter à la Biodanza en France: cliquez ici!


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