I would be a magician.
If everything were possible, I would be a magician. Sprinkling glitters of love from my fingertips to anyone I came across.

Des paillettes d’amour.

So we can love ourselves.
So we can love others.

But I don’t want to pour this love on you like I would squeeze a sponge soaked with water. I want you to choose it.
You are the only one who can find this love for yourself and for the world, because this love is inside you. It is like a little window waiting to be opened. The window of your heart.

Stop for a second. Breathe slowly. Very slowly… Feel that second.
Smell it.
Listen to it.
Taste it.
In that second, you are free. Free to be whoever you want to be. Free to think and act exactly as you want to. You are conscious.

Now I can tell you something:
Every second in your life is the same as this second.

Imagine your life as an eternal now. Every second offers you the opportunity to be. By making a choice. You always have the choice between love and fear. Masters always make the choice of love. And we all can be masters.
Don’t be afraid. Open the window. Trust your feelings.

And when you are not sure, ask yourself:
“How the highest part of me would react?”
“What would Love do?”

If you think and act every second following the “Highest You”, you will start loving whatever happens to you, as an experience to make Love grow inside you. You will start flying instead of crawling. Fly. Fly in the ocean of Love.

My mum told me once: “Occupe-toi d’abord de faire briller ta lumière et laisse-la se charger d’éclairer les autres”.
Faites-vous du bien, nourrissez votre esprit, marchez dans la forêt, chantez, dansez, aimez.

I can’t force you.
The only thing I can do is sharing with you the Beauty of life I can feel everyday.

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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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