My trip to Peru in 34 photos Part 1

El Parque del Amor, Lima

In the bus to Pisco

About to go to the Islas Bellestas

A row of penguins in the Islas Bellestas


The team of the trek to El Canon de Colca, Arequipa

Titicaca Lake, 20 degrees during the day, minus 1 during the night!

A coca field

On the road to Machu Pichu

On the rail to Machu Pichu 🙂

Top of Putukusi Mountain to see the Machu Pichu from a special angle!

Climbing the Putukusi Mountain

The night before climbing the Machu Pichu where there’s no shop to eat -or the bottle of water costs 10 soles (normal price:1 sol): huge preparation!

The clouds revealing the mystery of Machu Pichu

Sacred Machu Pichu, “The Old Mountain”

Three condors in front of Machu Pichu (if you have some imagination you will guess we are imitating the Condor-Machu Pichu!)

Claire and the magic of shells from the Pacific

Flowers on the way down from Wayna Pichu, “The Young Mountain”

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