My trip to Peru in 34 photos Part 2

In the village of Ollaytantambo, Sacred Valley

Salt baths in the sunset, Sacred Valley

Pisac ruins, Sacred Valley

Potatoes drying in the sun, near Q’enqo ruins, Cuzco

Claire and Agnes dancing with the shadows in Saqsayawaman, Cuzco

Tipon ruins, Sacred Valley

Food market in Calca, Sacred Valley

Have 3 pints of fresh juice for 2,50 soles!

Calca at 9am, Plaza de Armas, Sacred Valley

Yo soy una Peruana en Cuzco

Tarapoto, during my 4 days of diet in the forest, drinking the healing plant “Ushpa Washa” twice a day to open my heart to caring memories

Food from light

My Tambo in the forest: “Chilic Sanango”

A red flower from the garden of “Los Huingo”, days of rest in Tarapoto

Portrait of Obed with natural pigments made out of earth and rocks

The view from the open kitchen in “Los Huingos” my hostel in Tarapoto… it was hard to leave! But I’m happy to be back!

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