when I close my eyes

Close your eyes for a minute.
What do you see?

Imagine yourself happy.
What are you doing?

When I close my eyes, I am dancing, and I am dancing with so much intensity that people watching are crying, opening their heart to joy.

Suddenly this little voice starts telling me: “A dancer? Are you kidding? You think your two hours dance class per week makes you be a dancer? You’re too old anyway!”
I answer: “You can think what you want, but I can feel what I am.”
I then imagine holding this little voice by its hand, I breathe in and I whisper: “Why don’t you help me making my dream come true? Let’s make it happen together!”
The minute after, my little voice couldn’t stop telling me: “I love you, I love you”.

Once you start formulating what you want and work hand to hand with your little voice, it’s like the whole world has decided to help you!

My three wishes for this summer (and for the rest of my life) are:

I don’t know how, but I know that it is vital for me.

Last Sunday, after having danced with all my soul in a jam session, where musicians gather to improvise together, a woman, Carolina, asked me:
-What do you like doing in London?
I told her my three wishes and she said:
-Do you know that you can heal by dancing?
-No, I don’t, how?
-You have to find your own way, but let me tell you that you freed myself tonight, by dancing so freely, you made me dance! Check courses in Citylit, you might find something you like.

A week later, I was spending five hours in a studio discovering “Biodanza”, the dance of life from Chile, simply harmonizing and liberating. If you hear about it somewhere, don’t hesitate: just go!

I now feel that something extraordinary can come up from the combination of these three wishes…
Imagine: dancing and painting and healing together! My heart opens just now, a little bit more, by writing these words.

You know deep inside yourself who you are. Do you think it is too beautiful to be true? No, it’s not!!

You are that beautiful person you are dreaming of. You are!
So let it express itself.
Again, I’ll copy the Beatles!

Let it be.

These pictures have been taken by Raul.
“Colombine” is a short piece that I performed with Fleur Huygues-Despointes at a night event called “Playground” on Thursday the 5th of June 2008 at “The Others” in Stoke Newington.

You can watch a second performance with Fleur and I as “Colombine and Falbala” in Stoke Newington International Airport in October 2008.

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