Ca y est! J’ai fait le grand saut! I did it!

I jumped into the void of the unknown with a clear intention:

“Becoming wealthy doing what I love:

I signed up for The Quantum Leap, a £9000 program led by millionaire and genius T. Harv Heker!

You will tell me I’m crazy as I have £62.07 on my account on Tuesday the 2nd of March 2010.

Yes I may be crazy indeed but I also have the best tool ever: MY MIND!

I commit myself to write on this blog every working day until the 31st of December 2010. I will prove that “Our thoughts create reality” and that I can create my life the way I want it to be by mastering my mind.

I strongly recommend you to subscribe to my blog so you can be inspired by someone just like you and then say: “IF SHE CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT!”

I meet you tomorrow for a new day of CREATION!


Jump and the net will appear!” Robin Crow

“The Secret Psychology of Wealth”
A Weekend That Will Change Your Financial Life Forever!

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2 thoughts on “123 QUANTUM LEAP !”

  1. I’m so proud of you for doing it – well done!!!
    And I’ll see you on the programme, of course.

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