My WEALTH calendar for the next five months

Today, I’d like to share my calendar for the next five months with my intentions:

Monthly intention: “I earn at least £3000 per month with what I love doing. I put 10% into my financial freedom fund. I give 5% to charity. I’m an excellent money manager. I am healthy. I respect myself, Vincent, my family, my friends, and any person I meet on my way. I laugh at least three times a day!

Saturday 6th March 2010: I dance CONCERTO on stage (a choreography by Françoise Chantraine) Kenneth More Theatre, Redbridge Dance Link Concert – Saturday March 6th Evening performance: 7.00pm – “Concerto”
Intention: “I dance Concerto with intensity and joy and harmony with the other performers.”

Friday 9th April 2010: THE MESSAGE OF THE WOLF . An unique performance mixing painting, dancing and music in collaboration with Albi Gravener, saxophonist and sound designer. I’m featured artist and will give a 20 min talk about my work. Ausform Platform, The Cube, Bristol.

Intention: “I create a vibrant performance in collaboration with Albi. I clearly transmit the message that all is vibration and that I have the power to create my life as well as anyone on this planet.”

Thursday 22nd April 2010: POETIC SECONDS . I will perform poems written by Simon David. Same team as for Valentine’s hour. FARA Charity shop, off Portobello Road, W11 2HX, 7.30pm, £2.50 advance tickets, all go to FARA for orphans.
Intention:“I design a magical space for this performance and perform two poems with grace and enchantment and fun. I’m open to any outcome for more success. I design the cover of Simon’s book with creativity and power.”

Sunday 2nd May 2010: ENTRE CIEL ET TERRE, dance performance created by Françoise Chantraine. 250 dancers. Gala Chantraine in Théâtre du Chatelet, Paris.
Intention: “I perform four choreographies: Albatros, Concerto, Psalms and Fire, with intensity, energy, joy and the quality each of them require. I am completely integrated with my soul.”

7th to 9th May 2010: MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE. T. Harv Eker’s 3 days intensive program to change your mind into a millionaire mind! I attended the one in February, it’s amazing! I have 20 FREE TICKETS so if you want one, let me know!
Intention: I deeply change my cells for more happiness, success, fun and love.”

26th to 30th May 2010: GUERILLA BUSINESS INTENSIVE. T. Harv Eker’s 5 days intensive program for creating/improving our business.
Intention: “I integrate the keys for a successful business. I have a millionaire mind, meaning I allow abundance to come into my life and thus into anyone else’s life. I visualize abundance on Earth. I create abundance on Earth.”

Intention: “I dance the choreographies that I have mastered. I dance with all my soul, my love, my grace, my generosity.”

Thursday 24th June 2010: Opening night of UNDER THE MOON EXHIBITION, 6pm. I will show some of my most recent work about the WOLF and create an unique performance for the night.

24th June- 13th July 2010, Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA, London.

Intention: “I show excellent paintings and drawings of the WOLF. I create a breathtaking performance. I collaborate with the nine other artists with love and creativity. I meet wonderful people and specially gallery owners, art collectors, and people passionate about wolves, the power of intention, creation, art, mind, thoughts, vibration.

I get a space for a solo exhibition in 2011 and a gallery supports my work and marketing. I sell all my paintings, drawings and any art I’ve shown in the Crypt Gallery and/or put on my website. I’m open to any form of success. I spend a beautiful time with my friends and family. Thank you.”

I hope to see you in any of these events!!

With love,


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Juliette Jeanclaude is painting the wolf inside people and sharing her quest for awareness in her creative blog.

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