Latest news from Healing Creativity and a super tip to de-clutter your life!

How do you feel today?

Do you feel creative?

As you may know I am a painter and at the moment I also run creative workshops to revive the artist in you, so I wanted to share with you the next ones coming up as well as a super tip to de-clutter your life! I’ve started a Master Cleanse last Monday, only drinking freshly squizzed lemonade during 10 days! A real detox that made me clean my body and my life!

What are the latest news for Healing Creativity?

1)   Saturday 5 Feb: Learn how to draw a portrait in a day.

Would you like to know how to draw your brother and the drawing looks like him? Come and learn with fun using techniques that connect the two brains together! For more info and book online click here.

2)   NEW Taster Session for Revive the Artist in you: Have you heard of “Revive the artist in you” but never get the chance to come along? I’ve created a Taster Session specially to introduce this powerful workshop to you: Do you feel something is stopping you from being more creative? This workshop will allow you to release any resistance or fears and make you take the step to finally write this book, sing or paint! Come to one of the following taster sessions and learn how to:
-instantly get in touch with your inner artist
-access your subconscious in a minute
– transform your beliefs that you cant’ dance/ sing/ paint into beliefs that make you feel good.

3 DATES for the Taster Session- Revive the Artist in You are now available:

Thursday 10 February 2011Thursday 24 February 2011
Thursday 10 March 2011

All sessions start @ 7pm in a lovely space 3min walk from Euston Station.

Places are limited. Book now online for £10 only and get a sketchbook for FREE

Looking forward to sharing with you my secrets to revive the artist in you! Juliette x

Tip 17 De-Clutter

Watch Tip 17 on video! Click here or on the picture to watch it.
Do you make space for your creativity?

Look around you, how is your space? How is your office? How is your desk? How is your room? How is your kitchen?

Is it clean? Is it messy?

Do you recall this say: “A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind”?

Well, a week ago, my desk was full of piles of books, folders, documents to be classified since the last…. decade!

But last Monday I started the “Master Cleanse” (a 10 days super efficient detox diet when you do not eat anything but you drink: Evening= laxative tea / Morning = 90cl medium hot water with 2 tsp sea salt / During the day = 6 to 12 lemonades: 1/2 lemon freshly squizzed + 2 tbs maple syrup + sparkle of cayenne pepper. And that’s it.) What are the effects? I’m bursting with energy and on of my habits have changed naturally:

I do clean up.

I know this is not for everyone, some people are already organized and clean, I have a tendency not to and I guess I’m not the only one. So this tip is especially for people who tend to forget to clean up.

By the way (and that’s for everyone) if you want to get organized in your life, here is an ABSOLUTE awesome book I’m reading at the moment: Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy or how to stop procrastinate and do what needs to be done (including what makes you happy!). This the best book ever to save you time so you can focus on what YOU LOVE DOING.

Here is where our creative part comes up.

Do you make space for your creativity?

1) Create a clear space that is your creative space.

Do you work on a desk, do you have a studio? It can be the same space where you do other work, but you can MARK your territory by hanging a specific postcard maybe saying “SPACE for my CREATIVITY”. At least, my advice is to clean it before and after you used it for your creative work. In this way your mind will be blank, open for your inspiration to come in. Because as you clean up your physical space, you clean up your mind space.

2) Creative exercise to be aware of clutter in and around you

(that you can do in your creative space now that it’s clean!):

Take a paper and a pencil. Light up a candle. Breathe.

1. Draw yourself, a simple self-portrait, full body.

2. Draw all the areas where  you may have a clutter feeling in your body. You can symbolize them with shapes or colour.

For example, on my drawing, I could only feel a headache as the rest of my body is detoxifying so I’m feeling quite clean.

3. Make a rough drawing of your immediate environment. If your in your bedroom that’s what you draw, if you are in your office, that’s what you draw. (Don’t worry about the “it doesn’t look good or real”, not important here.)

4. Pick up 3 colours and circle areas/ things with the following code (colours are your choice but here is my example)

GREEN= it feels good, clean, clear, inspiring

ORANGE= not sure how it feels

RED= it feels messy, don’t like it, don’t need it anymore.

5. You can make another drawing in another room of your house, You can make a drawing of people in your life that may clutter your mind (friends, family, intimate relationship)

6. If drawing is not your thing you can take a photo and stick them on your paper or simply look at your room or meditate on the people.

7. Last step is to write down which actions you are going to do to change this and when.

GREEN= I’m going to have more of it (or if not more at least keep these areas sacred). Ex: I buy some fancy candles tomorrow, I keep this space empty at all time, whatever makes you feel good. If it’s a relationship, take care of it. Ex: I call Yoana tomorrow, etc.

ORANGE= It’s OK for now, sooner or later it will become clearer whether it feels good or not.

RED= either I get rid of it, or I change it. How do I change it? Ex: Clutter: “Everyday I clean my room for 20 minutes. I make my bed just after I wake up. If it’s a relationship: “Next time, he calls me I’m aware that he is polluting my mind, so I breathe and follow what my heart tells me to do.”

Life is so precious! Let’s keep it clean!

Juliette x

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