A minute A day 2011 – Writer and Performer

A minute A day

A performance by Juliette Jeanclaude.

Recorded by Maria Papandrea on Sunday 5th June 2011 at the Euroart Open Studios, in front of Jim Pimkin’s paintings.

Photos by Ferraphotography.

A minute to retrieve
A minute to forgive
A minute to gather
A minute together
A minute to be with me
A minute to see the sea
A minute to feel the sun
A minute to dance or sing
A minute to hear my heart go ping
A minute to go mad
A minute to get sad
A minute to cry
A minute to die

A minute to live
A minute to give
A minute to pray
A minute a day
Keeps the soul on its way


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“A minute a day” is extracted from “Poems on the bus”.To buy or read the first pages of the book, click here:


Poems on the Bus  written and illustrated by Juliette Jeanclaude has inspired the movie “Poetic Emotion” that won the award for “Best short documentary” at the St Tropez International Film Festival.


I have performed “A minute A day” again in the streets of London, outside of Seven Sisters station, on 10th June 2011. Here are the photos by ferraphotograpy.com

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