advantages and disadvantages of mixed marriages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mixed marriages
Some people think mixed marriages is a big problem now. Nevertheless, it has some advantages and disadvantages.
One advantage is that children can have two passports. It’s really fantastic because it’s easy to have a visa which most people worry about. Moreover, it’s quite interesting to know another language and broaden your mind about new cultures. Another point is that you can travel and discovery another country. Which means that when you visit your mate’s country, you will be travelled the new country and discovery some new places and it’s very wonderful. On top of that, your children will be bi-lingual and it’s very good. For instance, if they know two languages, you will be easy to find a good job because almost of companies always like the people who know the foreign language.
However, some people say that mixed marriages is not good. On the one hand, it has a problem about religion. For example, you have to do some extravagant things to get married even when you are married. On the other hand, you will be prejudged if your country doesn’t allow with mixed marriages and it’s very terrible. In fact, there were a lot of children who were hit because they were mixed marriages’s child. What is more, the culture is also diffirent because you will have to do something which you have never done before. Last of all, family is the important thing because there are so many family didn’t allow for them to get married. Naturally, they still can married but it’s very difficul to persuade their family. Sometime they gave up family to get married and it’s very terrible.
To sum up, there are both advantages and disadvantages of mixed marriages. In my opinion, it’s not too bad of mixed marriages because it’s only problem about language and culture. We shouldn’t because of it to lose our love.