Aggression and Violence Paper

Aggression and Violence in the Media
Shacora Grant
Professor Stakic
Social Psychology
May 31, 2015 The TV show I chose is Criminal Minds; it is one of my favorite shows. There was an episode where they had an old case were there was a man they called the piano man. He was called that because he had raped 12 woman and they were all bonded with piano wire and he played a specific song for each woman after the act. In this episode one of the women this man had rapped was worse off than the rest. She was determined to catch her rapists and serve her own form of justice. One night she went back into the bar that her rapist saw her in, because she knew he would be there. Right off he noticed her and started playing the song he has specifically for her. She had a break down in the bathroom, she was in the corner crying and she was having a flash back of that moment. She got herself together, went back to the bar, by the end of the night she pretended to be drunk, and had him walk her to her car. She tazed him and put him into her car and drove him to her house. She tied him up with piano wire and tortured him repeatedly. She stabbed him, shot his fingertips so he couldn’t play piano anymore, and almost beat him to death.
This was a woman in her mid to early 30’s who lived in New York City. She enjoyed a fast pace life style that included going to different bars every night. The context in which she exhibited her aggression and violence was, because she was kidnapped, raped, and held against her will. She was also mentally tortured by her rapist. This caused her to have a psychotic break and go after her rapist, so he could pay for what he had done to her.
The first reason this episode included aggression and violence is, because the story line portrayed a man that was constantly raping woman, and the woman wanting there revenge. The woman in this episode didn’t feel safe she felt like the as long as the man was on the streets he…