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Examination Paper of Enterprise Resource PlanningIIBM Institute of Business Management
Examination PaperMM.100Enterprise Resource Planning
Subject Code-C102
Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 marks)

This section consists of Multiple Choice questions & Short Answer type questions.
Answer all the questions.
Part one questions carry 1 mark each & Part Two questions carry 5 marks each.Part One:
Multiple Choices:
1. Enterprise Resource Planning is:
a. Computer System
b. Manufacturing organization
c. Method of effective planning of all the resources in an organization
d. None of the above
2. Enterprise Resource Planning vendors are those people:
a. Who are experts in administration and management of projects
b. Who have developed the ERP packages
c. Who uses the ERP system
d. None of the above
3. Interviewing and cost justification is tool and technique of:
a. Design step of ERP
b. Implementation step of ERP
c. Requirement analysis of ERP
d. Planning step of ERP
4. Support re-engineering processes to fit the software systems best practice is approach of:
a. Re-engineering approach
b. Customizing approach
c. Rational approach
d. None of the above
5. Process of tracking customer contacts and providing the customer with a price quote is:
a. Inventory sourcing
b. Sales order processing
c. Pre-sales
d. None of the above1
IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper of Enterprise Resource Planning
6. The difficulty in creating an audit trial of transactions when multiple transactions use multiple
database is associated with:
a. Product profitability sub-system
b. Finished goods inventory sub-system
c. Management reporting sub-system
d. Creating an audit trial sub-system
7. Differences occur between standard costs and actual costs is problem associated with:
a. Accounting
b. Production
c. Purchasing / Materials Management
d. None of the above
8. MRP in Enterprise resource…