Applied Skills in Human Services

HN220: Prevention and Crisis Intervention
Unit 9: Assignment
Karen S. Thacker
Kaplan University
The case study in which I have chosen, is Case #1 Jill the Helper. I relate more with her and her situation. I used to be a Nurse and I know how difficult and stressful the job can be. Then add-on the other issues in which she is having. It just relates to me as a woman and someone who has worked to support her family and their well-being.
“The foundation of crisis intervention is the development of rapport—a state of understanding and comfort—between client and counselor” (Kanel, 2014, p. 50). With this being said, the first thing I need to do with Jill is to gain her trust and build a rapport with her. By doing so, my attending behavior needs to be warm and inviting. I need to make direct eye-contact with Jill, have good body posture, an expressive vocal style, and show or display overall empathy towards the client. My focus needs to be constantly maintained on the client and her situation. In addition, I need to ask open-ended questions and close-ended questions. I also need to paraphrase for understanding, use reflection of feelings, summarize and actively listen. Furthermore, I need to be non-judgmental, respectful, and genuine.
After gaining rapport with Jill, my next cause of action will be to identify the precipitating event in which brought Jill to the appointment. So I would ask Jill exactly brought her in today? I suspect upon seeing Jill’s demeanor and body language that perhaps there is some issues with Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. My assumption is based on the fact that she is sometimes seen grimacing in pain. She does state that when her husband gets angry that he does things to her. Furthermore, she feels that she can’t please her husband anymore. She also discusses feeling unassertive. She further states that she is fearful of him finding out that she is at the appointment today. Again, my assumption are that she…