Bean peeling machine working efficiency improvement methods

Under many circumstances, before bean peeling machine working, we should clean the soybean first.
1. The impurities in the soybean may increase the processing material weight and soybean volume so as to increase transportation and storage time.
2. The soybean impurities can affect soybean safety storage, and even bring big damage to soybean flour processing, which will directly affect our sales cost and benefits.Therefore, it can improve BEAN PEELING MACHINE working efficiency and ensure production safety by soybean cleaning. Besides, it can improve soybean products purity, ensure our health, reduce transportation and storage charges and realize safe storage.If there has big and light impurities, such as straw, weeds, paper scraps and hemp rope in the soybean , it may easily block the running piping, hamper normal production, or block the feeding mechanism of bean peeling machine, which can make the feeding uneven, reduce the feeding rate, the technological efficiency and the processing capacity in bean peeling machine working. Sometimes, it may block the sieve pore, and make the soybean mix with big impurities, which will cause soybean waste.From the above, we know that we need to clean soybean before bean peeling machine working. This is a necessary step before bean peeling machine working. To ensure normal bean peeling machine working, we should pay attention to this. domestic bean peeling machine development needs to depend on bean peeling machine technological innovation and take digitization and intelligence as the core technology. Our bean peeling machines are quite popular in many countries and areas for its competitive prices and reliable quality. Compared with our bean peeling machine, the foreign products have no such advantages. In the economical market system, with the same quality of products, what we compete is price. Recent years, our bean peeling machine technological innovation is developing very fast. And it has…