Business Ideas

Our group combined came up with four ideas.
The ideas were caffeinated OJ, online bus tracker, web site for elderly job placement and the wireless tracker.
We ended up deciding the winner buy voting on what we thought would be the most successful product.
The winning device was a GPS tracking device for your phone, wallet and whatever else you would want to locate if your belongings were miss placed, lost or stolen.
I don’t know about you guys but I am constantly misplacing things and spending so much time looking for them that I am late to place a lot.
Life would be so much less stressful if you no longer had to worry about losing anything.2b)
Potential customers for the Caffeinated OJ would be people who don’t like coffee and people who have trouble getting up in the morning.
Potential customers for online bus tracker would be people without transportation
Potential customers for the jobs for elderly would be elderly people who are tight on money or boredPotential customers for the GPS tracking device would be anyone who owned something that was valuable to them and would want to retrieve it with little to no worry.
Some example would be car keys house key, cell phone, watch and computer.
Our group believes anyone with a tendency to lose things would be all over this item.
Another great example is businessmen who travel for long periods of time and need to take more that just carry one, could put a tracker in their luggage and not have to worry about it getting lost forever. I had a personal experience like this and wished I had a tracker in my luggage.