Quiz 3 – Review
15 – 20 Multiple Choice QuestionsPractice Quizzes and Review:
Selection and the switch statement
Loops and the while statement (a pre-test loop)
Counting Loops (determinate loop)
Nesting Loops and Ifs
Loops and the do/while statement (a post-test loop)
Sentinel-controlled Loops (indeterminate loop)
Result-controlled Loops (indeterminate loop)
Loops and the for statementContent:
1. Review:
? Selection: Unit 3 PowerPoint slides and Chapter 3 from your textbook
? Repetition: Unit 4 PowerPoint slides and Chapter 4
2. Practice from Textbook:
a) Review Questions and Exercises Pages 182 – 187
b) Review Questions and Exercises Pages 260 – 266 (ignoring any questions dealing with file input/output)
c) Short Answer questions page 104
3. Be able to describe the following concepts and terms:
a) Single selection using if
b) Double selection using if-else
c) Multiple selection using if-else if-else
d) Using switch structure for selection and when is it the best choice
e) Relational operators
f) Logical operators to create compound conditions
g) Using Boolean expressions and how they form a condition and are evaluated
h) Increment and decrement operators
i) Use of while syntax to create a repetitive structure and how the loop control variable is used
j) Why while is known as a pre-test loop
k) Using while for input validation
l) Creating compound Boolean expressions to test data input that satisfy ranges that are:
a. Inside the posts
b. Outside the posts
m) Use of do-while syntax for looping, how the loop control variable is used, why do-while is known as a post-test
n) Use of for syntax for looping, how the loop control variable is used, and how that variable has “scope”
o) Describe how a nested loop works, i.e., the outer loop and the inner loop
p) Explain the differences between these types (not syntax) of loops:
a. Determinate and indeterminate loops
b. Pre-test and post-test loops