crude oil distinguish methods huatai technology

What is crude oilCrude Oil: it refers to be obtained from the animal or plant oil, no refining processing of primary oil. Because of its simple processing technology, the impurities in oil, easy oxidation, it should not be stored for a long time. Without refining, it may has pesticide residual, heavy metal pollution problems and the possible harmful substances. So, to get a set of refining equipment purchase call 86037186236366.If wool cotton oil contains the gaa, people who eat will have fever, limb weakness, loss of appetite, or lose labor ability; Gaa inhibits male sperm production, resulting in male infertility; Peanut oil, corn oil contained aflatoxin, this is a kind of strong carcinogenic substance, allow of refined oil content per kilogram 20 micrograms in edible oil, and without refined peanut oil can be as high as 600 micrograms; Crude rapeseed oil contains a large number of erucic acid and sulfur glucoside compounds, the compounds for people with cardiovascular disease may make the illness aggravating, they could also lead to goiter;
Rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil contains about 2% wax which is difficult to digest;
Soybean oil and canola oil containing 1% ~ 3% of phospholipids, these are to be removed after refining. Another characteristic of crude oil is cooking oil heating foam, smell, lampblack is big, more significantly affect the cooking smell and taste. In city residents has rarely eat oil directly, but it is quite common in rural residents, this will harm their health directly.
It is easy to distinguish crude oil: oil is usually in bulk, dark color, transparency is poor even turbidity, appeared long after sediment and suspended, some crude oil have pungent peculiar smell and a large number of bubbles.
Of course, not all of the primary processing oil cannot be eaten.
There are several kinds of vegetable oils such as olive oil, tea seed oil, sesame oil and so on, as long as ensures that the high quality raw materials, the squeezing…