The book “Divergent” is a distinctive novel, it makes you think and look upon the future. It’s almost like you could envision the author’s perspective about being diverse by different groups. According to the story there’s a society that is divided into factions such as Abnegation (selfless), Candor (honesty), Amity (Peaceful), Dauntless (fearless), and Erudite (intelligent). The main character, Beatrice (Tris), is a unique teenager who faces many strenuous obstacles just to be assimilated like everyone else. Tris was born and raised in Abnegation. There are 3 conflicts that contributes to my theme “concealment” throughout the book; Including the fact that each faction have to face the aptitude test to be assigned afaction they truly belong to based on the final results they get back. Secondly the fear test is an examination Tris takes in stage 2 of her training when she transferred to Dauntless. The test is to try to get over your fears but in all reality it’s impossible to concede. Someway somehow she manages to accomplish. Last is the little war Dauntless and Erudite have against the Abnegation at the end of the book. This part really shows that Tris have to integrate to be like others in order to survive. That’s why my theme is concealment because Beatrice plays a hazardous position during the whole novel due to the fact that she’s divergent.
My justification for choosing concealment is because when Tris completed the aptitude test one of the Dauntless initiate who was examining her test found out that her results were inconclusive. This means she doesn’t fit into any faction and that she is Divergent. According to the society rules, Divergent are considered as threats, so when they find out what you are the leader of your faction will kill you. On page 20-23 in the novel it states “Beatrice your results were inconclusive, under no circumstances should you share that information with anyone, Tris this is very important.”-Tori. The reason why…