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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions enable the end-users to easily manage the
organization’s assets across various business units, services, divisions, and locations etc. for
improving quality and efficiency of asset management process. EAM solutions can be used to
manage physical, digital and mobile assets of an organization. EAM includes maintenance,
replacement, repairing, designing and management operations. These operations allow the
organization to effectively integrate, monitor and control assets as well as enhance their life
cycle efficiently.
Enterprise asset management solution find its applications in corporate sector, banking and
financial institutes, and oil & gas industries. Key benefits offered by enterprise asset
management solutions are low or reduction in maintenance and repair costs, increased return
on assets, enhanced productivity and asset performance, and operation’s visibilities.
The major factors fuelling the growth of this market are rising uptake of cloud-based solutions
among organizations, maximization of return on assets, higher need for supervision of aging
assets, ability of EAM to integrate with big data analytics, connectivity of various applications
and operations in a single database through EAM, and mobility in asset management- to track
and manage mobile assets etc. Report
Report Description
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Some of the restraints that are hindering the growth of EAM market include high cost associated
with deployment of enterprise asset management solution in small-medium businesses (SMBs),
dynamic business…