ethical analysis

Ethical Analysis
Barbara Poe
Comm / 218
John Borio
Ethical Analysis
In 2001 was invited to attend a religious lecture. I was excited about attending, since I had heard that the person giving the lecture was a very good speaker and that his lectures were always filled to capacity. Knowing that the place where the speech was being help only had seating for about fifty people I arrived about thirty – forty minutes early. I was able to get a seat up front I sat there anxiously awaiting to here this speaker. As the room began to fill I noticed that everyone seemed to be just as excited as I was about hearing this speaker. I could hear people talking about how good of a speaker this person was, which made me even more excited.
About ten minutes before the speech began someone came out and announced the speaker was running a little late then he locked the door so no one else could come in since the room was already filled beyond capacity and people were standing up.
When the speaker arrived a half hour late, and then he took a least another fifteen minutes to set up his equipment. The audience became a little irritated, not only was the speaker late we had to sit through him setting up, the room was hot and there wasn’t any windows or air conditioning and the two fans that were provided wasn’t enough to cool the room.
Once he began the presentation he had the audience undivided attention He used an overhead projector to show enlarged passages from the bible so that the people on the back could see the words as he quoted them and near the end he showed a sort video which was very interesting. The speech went extremely well until he open it up for questions. During the speech I noticed that a few people were shaking their heads in disagreement to what the speaking was saying. So the first one came from one those individuals. The person let the speaker know that he was Atheists and asked how do he know God is real…