Ethic and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the world
For quite a number of years, adherence of high ethical standards has not only been crucial in the work environment, but also in many other professions around the world. Maintaining high ethical standards is good in determining the kind of customers a particular company will attract and further help in the way the company relates with their respective customers. High standards ensure that the trust is built between the company and its customers (Sternberg, 2000, p.4). It has been noted that good and well productive companies around the world are made of stakeholders that are focused on providing good and quality services to the society as well as improving the working conditions of their employees (Stern, 1999, p.90). However, a company can fail terribly in achieving its set of objectives when the stakeholders in that respective company engage in corrupt practices of carry out business transactions for the purposes of benefiting themselves (Durkheim, 2013, p.12). The outcome is that it will lead to the destruction of the company’s well-built reputation and can further lead to its closure if the illegal practices committed by the stakeholders are beyond legal acceptance. A good illustration of such company is the one based in New Jersey called Pharma Care. The company had started well by attracting a huge number of customers due to the good relations that it had built with their customers. However, poor decision and high motive of making money without caring the health of individuals made the company be put into question.
The stakeholders
From the document, a lot of stakeholders have come to be emerging along the way. The stakeholders comprise of the group of specialists that are concerned with the livelihood of a particular company. Firstly, the CEO is the head of the company that serves the pharma board and encourages the members below to be…