Fair Trade

This essay is about Fair trade!The reason that we should embrace and encourage fair-trade is so that people involved throughout the process of manufacturing goods that are sold in the western world can maintain a morally acceptable standard of living that we in the western world have.
The nature of industries where unfair trade occurs that will be covered, involve a small community in a less economically developed country (LEDC) working to obtain a resource that is bought for a minute amount of money. It is then made into a product for more economically developed countries (MEDC) to mark-up the price and sell in stores.
The specific products that will be covered are known for having a fair trade and unfair trade counterpart. These are cocoa and cotton. These two have in common that they are grown on plants and the produce requires hard labour to maintain and harvest.
A way that trade could be made more fair for LEDC’s would be if some businesses that are buying the produce or product and have a large enough profit margin could be less greedy and give more money to the growers and people involved in the process. If we spend our money wisely and look for fair trade certified products we can all have a contribution to fair trade. Fair trade is a relationship between LEDC’s and MEDC’s where the MEDC’s a to be as fair as possible by buying produce for a stable price, building a trust and communicating well with the people involved. It means not exploiting child labour and helping to give people living in LEDC’s a better way of life.
The relationship should include a reasonable set contract that everyone involved agrees to, safe working conditions and aid where needed.in return the producers must live up to deadlines and produce high quality items. The wage paid should be enough for the workers to live reasonably well and bonuses may be included for their communities
In New Zealand we can buy Cadbury’s fair trade certified milk chocolate, some shops…