Global Refrigerated Display Cases Market Growth and Key Trends 2015 – 2025: FMI

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Food refrigeration is of primary importance for various households in order to reduce
food waste and for food and beverage companies for storing various foods so as to
ensure minimum damage to its product. Whether big companies or households the need
for cold storages has increased dramatically across various regions and markets. Need of
refrigeration does not restrict till the refrigeration industry but also extends to the bio
medical sector where storage of cultures under low temperature conditions is highly
important and thus creates another demand for refrigerator market. It has helped various
Doctors to store and preserve cultures of various viruses for a prolonged duration,
helping to find cures and vaccines for a number of diseases. It’s usage has changed the
way we preserve and protect goods and products vulnerable to high volatile temperature
conditions which otherwise would have had a detrimental impact on the culture.
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With the widespread growth in retail outlets the demand for refrigerator display cases
have witnessed a substantial increase. With the increase in a ‘fast life’ amongst various
consumers the need for food which is nourishing and fast to cook is highly important. The
need for Refrigerated Display cases helps various retailers to ensure longer storage of
products which helps them in reducing wastage.
With the increase in carbonated soft drink bottles and packaged water bottles the need
for cold storage is expected to grow. Also, with emerging economies the growth rates is
expected to be greater with respect to mature markets. Report…