High Pressure Processing Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2015-2025: Future Market Insights

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Half a decade ago, consumers seems to be gushing for good quality food products that
has a high shelf life. Companies were actively looking for methods and equipment that
can help foods to retain their natural flavor even after long shelf life of preservation. High
pressure processing equipment is one such cutting-edge innovation. High pressure
processing is a non-thermal preservation and pasteurization process that increases the
shelf life of food, while retaining the original quality of food products. Unlike most
conventional food processing system, this method accomplishes high hydrostatic pressure
of 100 to 1000 MPa to process food products. It is due to its minimal negative effect that
high pressure processing market (HPP) is finding great prominence globally. This billion
dollar industry is anticipated to witness strong growth worldwide during the forecast
period, 2015–2025.
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High Pressure Processing Market: Drivers & RestraintsRising concern for food safety along with increasing demand for process food that
contains active ingredients is expected to fuel the overall high pressure processing
market. High liquid containing foods are on upper edge. HPP extends the shelf life of
foods by two to three folds when compared to non-pasteurized foods. However, budget
restraints and significant heavy cost is expected to be a major challenge for this industry.
To tackle these challenges some of the leading manufacturers are performing innovation
to cut down the cost at a significant rate. Also, HPP is mostly preferred for foods Report
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