How democratic was Andrew Jackson

Gloria Rosales Mr. Garza
Pd. 02 10/29/15Understand, Analyze, and Evaluate
1. Why do you think horse racing was such a popular spectator sport in early America? Why has it continued to be popular
Horse racing was such a popular sport in early America because it was a way North Carolina could display its wealth. Horse racing expanded after the American Revolution. The reason why it continued to be popular is because it was a quick and easy way to get riches through gambling.
2. How did changes in the sport of horse racing reflect similar changes in American society at large
The sport of horse racing changed American society by the effort of driving African American’s out of the sport and making the society see racial segregation in so many other parts of areas which penetrated the sport to become a bit more popular. Another way was the fact that the society also saw that only white men were buying and breeding horses {of course the wealthy} to race because the race tracks began creating betting systems to lure customers in.3. Is horse racing still a sport “bounded by lines of class and race”? What other spectator were or are similarly bounded
Horse racing is still not a sport bounded by lines of class and race because now a days, segregation is a really rare thing to be found here in the Americas because of horse racing. I doubt any segregation of horse racing is allowed anymore. I think the other spectator games that are still out there like this are bull fighting, chicken fighting, dog fighting ( even though its illegal now), and way more other things to count but I think these are enough examples because each one has a bidding system like how the horse racings did as well.