Huatai rapeseed oil processing key points

Rapeseed oil processing technology key points:
One, traditional rapeseed oil process
Traditional rapeseed oil process has the following kinds:
1. one time crushing process directly
Rapeseed – cleaning – softening – rolling stock – steaming and frying – crushing – oil – filter – oil
This process cake residual oil and the processing temperature is high, quality of oil and bread is poor, it is not suitable for mass production.
2. Squeeze – leaching process
Rapeseed – cleaning – softening – rolling stock – steaming and frying – squeeze – leaching
This process line is long, investment and processing temperature is high, oil and meal quality is poor.
3. Direct leaching process
Rapeseed – rolling stock – grain – leaching
Two, rapeseed oil system of modern technology
Rapeseed oil system of the modern technology mainly refers to using “leaching after extrusion pretreatment process” and “rapeseed cold pressing process”.
Wet leaching extrusion pretreatment for oil production
Rapeseed dehulling extrusion pretreatment leaching for oil production
Rapeseed – cleaning – peeling rapeseed kernel – extrusion – leaching pulp high temperature or low temperature desolventizing – hot meal or low temperature meal
Or: Rapeseed – cleaning – peeling rapeseed kernel – extrusion or condensed granules – leaching – mixed oil negative pressure evaporation gas stripping – MAO fully refined oil – oil foot (- crude oil refined – good salads)
From rapeseed oil to the level of rapeseed processing: crude oil, remove suspended impurity, degumming, acid, decoloring, deodorization, dewaxing, level of rapeseed oilHuatai machinery has developed projects including large scale oilseed pretreatment and pressing, oil extraction, oil refining and oil fractionation production line project,conveyor equipment project,corn/maize flour, grits, germ milling machines and corn processing lines,biodiesel technology,cottonseed, rice bran and soybean protein technology, and Palm Oil processing…