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IT 206 week 2 Assignment Microsoft Word ExerciseFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.com1. Assignment: MS Word Exercise – Due Day 7Part I• Complete the following tasks by using the Microsoft® Word document provided within Course Materials:o Change the document body to left alignment.
o Correct any header and footer misspellings.
o Set margins at 1 inch.
o Wrap text around graphics.
o Insert page numbers within the header.
o Replace the existing date with the auto date function.
o Set the hanging indention for all paragraphs at .25 inch.
o Create a comment for the introductory paragraph.
o Change bullet point styles.
o Create a table of contents using the Table of Contents feature. Part II• Read the following scenarios:You are working at a support desk for a company providing onsite and telephone support to customers with Microsoft® Word questions. On this particular day, you are presented with the following three situations: Situation 1: A student, planning to attend a local college in the fall, has been told to purchase word processing software for an English class. He is currently looking to buy Microsoft® Word, but he wants to know the major functions of this software. Situation 2: A woman, who owns her own business, calls the support desk looking to create a Microsoft® Word template for mail sent to customers. She wants each letter to look similar; she is also tired of cutting and pasting her company logo and contact information into each letter. Situation 3: An employee working in the human resources department of your company is writing the Employee Handbook. He wants to insert various headers and footers in different sections of the handbook, but needs it all to be contained in a single Microsoft® Word file. He tells you that he has already set section breaks within the handbook, but all headers and footers he has inserted are the same for all sections. He asks you why this is…