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Formore course tutorials visituophelp.comIT 284 Week 1 CheckPoint 1: The CustomerService Model
IT 284 Week 1 CheckPoint 2: ComputerSupport Dependencies
IT 284 Week 1 Assignment: DefiningComputer Support
IT 284 Week 2 CheckPoint: CommunicationTechniques
IT 284 Week 2 DQs
IT 284 Week 3 Assignment: How toCommunicate
IT 284 Week 3 CheckPoint: Using an ARS
IT 284 Week 4 CheckPoint: Defining theCustomer
IT 284 Week 4 DQs
IT 284 Week 5 CheckPoint: OperationalDifferences
IT 284 Week 5 Assignment: The Needs ofCustomer and Customer Support Technicians
IT 284 Week 6 CheckPoint: Using TechnologyWith Voice
IT 284 Week 6 DQs
IT 284 Week 7 Collaborative Assignment: Onand Offsite Support Strategies
IT 284 Week 7 CheckPoint: Phone Etiquette
IT 284 Week 8 CheckPoint: Dissecting theProblem
IT 284 Week 8 DQs
IT 284 Capstone CheckPoint: EstablishingSeamless Support
IT 284 Final Project: Handling DifficultCustomers (powerpoint only)
IT 284 Final Project: Handling DifficultCustomers (paper only)================================================
IT 284 CapstoneCheckPoint: Establishing Seamless Support
Formore course tutorials visituophelp.comEnterprise computer support hasexperienced on-going development to better serve various consumer bases.
Write a 200- to 300-wordresponse encompassing strategies that would help minimize miscommunicationbetween the two parties. Within the text, what components of the problemsolving strategy have the greatest effect within a computer support atmosphere?How might the support specialist and customer both be satisfied if there has tobe compromise from one side of the conversation
IT 284 Final Project:Handling Difficult Customers (paper only)Formore course tutorials visituophelp.comResource: Appendix A
Construct a checklist of at least sevenreasons why customers become difficult when communicating their…