Byeomseok Jeon(2012231227), International Relations
European Political Economy
March 10th, 2015
Short paper #1
European integration can be described with the outcome of international relations study because the academic debate of principles coming out of theories of international relations and it contributed to organize EU partly. it was first concept or attempt since formally concluded peace of Westphalia in 1648. Most of European countries have experienced world scale war in twice and also they suffered the political division by two countries which are United States and Soviet Union during cold war period. As above, European countries seek ways to build a lasting peace in the region and they finally reach a integrated region which is called EU.
As we all know, each country got a fixed territory, sovereignty, political independent and legitimacy since the 1648 peace of Westphalia, however these qualities are not absolute owing to political disputes which create uncertainties about the borders of a territory between the countries. Additionally, there are many who argue that the state is in retreat due to the result mainly of three critical developments. In short, three of them are as in the following. First, the public allegiance to the state has been compromised by economic, social and political divisions and that means the focus of people`s loyalty has been changed and their minorities of country have become more assertive, self determination and in case independence like Quebecois in Canada. Secondary, International borders have been weakened than before since most of countries highly emphasis on economic and political ties to earn more economical benefit and expand markets. States have not been able to meet the demands of their resident`s security, justice, prosperity and human rights. For these reasons, States have bring war with other country, failed to mange their economies and national resources and still struggle with poverty and social…