Proctor & Gamble is a company that has been in business for over 160 years. It was started by William Proctor and James Gamble after their father-in-law suggested they became business partners. After a few years of the two men, each doing their own different jobs of candle and soap making, they finally came together and created what we know as the Proctor & Gamble Empire. With names like ivory soap which is known for its purity along with candle sales, the company had a niche market and a lucrative supply contract to the union army. This SWOT analysis will show why the company is the household name whom everyone knows and loves. It will also point out the weakness of their products being available just about everywhere and the threats from the competition within the health and beauty franchise. There can even be great opportunities for more potential consumers in the future to buy the products.
S.W.OT. Analysis
Proctor and Gamble have a large scale of products that they sell; giving them much strength within the market these brands include Crest, Olay, Pampers, Tide, Downey, and puffs. It is a global leader for many different product categories like fabric, home, baby, beauty, health and personal care in over one hundred and eighty countries. Many of Its products are sold in over one hundred and eighty countries. Their strong advertising of P&G makes it one of the most successful brands in the world. The company has an immense experience in oral and personal hygiene products. Furthermore, it has a thorough experience of marketing in different areas and is one of the best marketers in the world. P & G is carefully organized and very integrated with some of the world’s largest retailers in United States and world around. Their other strengths lie in within distribution channels they have all over the world. Their profit margin is larger than any other in the industry plus P is known for its diverse brand portfolio. The…