Management principle

In this generation, service is become the most important part, while guest lodging.
Service is an intangible product, people can not touch but they can feel, since than
every hotel start to setting standard operation procedure (S.O.P). Trying to make
service into tangible product. Making guests felt satisfied while they stay. Smile is the
most essential parts of service, anything can not satisfied guests without smiling. But
during the research, hotel had a High Turn Over Of Employees and Unequal
Treatment. In here we will discuss through the consequence, problem statement, root
cause and solution, gives this company some ideas, have a right way to satisfy the
We have a case that is one of our teammate was having an internship in the Rosewood
Beijing restaurant. He had few important discovers about why server are not smiling
anymore, eventually quite the job and leaving hospitality industry.Problem:
Why are those employees did not smile anymore? In hotel management, staff leaving
their own department for many reasons, but in Rosewood Beijing restaurant the
average of staff quit the restaurant department is six peoples per months. During the
work time, employees smiling face already disappear instead of exhausted, slow
service and chatting with other colleagues. Root Cause:
Manager didn’t take the responsibility to protect the employee. (Didn’t take all
the responsibility for employee during the guest complaint)l
Lack of communication: didn’t pay attention to the employee and training:
(didn’t follow up the working time Quality Jobs)l
Cons Behaviors: During the high occupancy time Manager still chatting with
other employee or using cellphone. (Cause the conflict between employee and
Internal:Maslow’s hierarchy of needs This five-stage model can be divided into basic needs
Physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization….