Marketing Execellence

Consumer research and design thinking are crucial to a company’s success. When companies do not know what consumers want they cannot produce it. Intuit takes great care in finding out what exactly their customers want and try to find ways to make products that meet that need. They did this originally with their Quicken program. When it faltered in the early eighty’s Intuit changed how they marketed the product, and since then it has done much better in the market place.
According to Brian Fletcher’s article (Fletcher, 2013) on marketing research and why it matters, research centers the business around its consumers, when the business is centered around the consumers, the business will be more focused. Brian states that customers are the company’s boss. The lines of communication should be kept open between the customer and the company. The company wants to make the bosses happy by keeping up with demand for certain products.
Fletcher’s article (Fletcher, 2013) also shows that marketing research keeps a company focused. When a company is focused they can prioritize what they are working on and use their time effectively. Research also allows companies to pursue the most lucrative growth opportunities. When a company is producing a product that customers don’t want to buy, then there is no point, and no money to be made. When companies do research and find out what people want to buy, then they will in turn make the items, and make more money in the long run.
Just like Intuit did with their research, this article suggests that companies should optimize brand strategy and positioning. (Fletcher, 2013) Intuit does this by using multiple webpages to support their products. Their Facebook page allows customers an open forum to discuss the products, and a way to see what other products are in the works. Intuit’s webpage is easily navigated by anyone that visits it. At the very top of the page it has links to all their products and services. It also allows people…