2014 Korea International
Mathematics Competition
21~26 July, 2014, Daejeon City, KoreaInvitational World Youth Mathematics Intercity CompetitionIndividual Contest
Time limit: 120 minutesInstructions:
z Do not turn to the first page until you are told to do so.
z Remember to write down your team name, your name and contestant
number in the spaces indicated on the first page.
z The Individual Contest is composed of two sections with a total of
120 points.
z Section A consists of 12 questions in which blanks are to be filled in
and only ARABIC NUMERAL answers are required. For problems
involving more than one answer, points are given only when ALL
answers are correct. Each question is worth 5 points. There is no
penalty for a wrong answer.
z Section B consists of 3 problems of a computational nature, and the
solutions should include detailed explanations. Each problem is
worth 20 points, and partial credit may be awarded.
z You have a total of 120 minutes to complete the competition.
z No calculator, calculating device, electronic devices or protractor are
z Answers must be in pencil or in blue or black ball point pen.
z All papers shall be collected at the end of this test.English Version
Team:Name:No.:Score:For Juries Use Only
Score12345Section A
89101112Section B
3TotalSign by
Jury Section A.
In this section, there are 12 questions. Fill in the correct answer in the space
provided at the end of each question. Each correct answer is worth 5 points.
1.A two-digit number x is twice another two-digit number y. The sum of the digits
of x is equal to one of the digits of y and the difference between the digits of x is
equal to the other digit of y. What is the maximum value of yAnswerC2.What is the difference when 1234567891 ? 1234567896 ? 1234567898 is
subtracted from 1234567899 ? 1234567894 ?…