Jamerson Dehler
Mrs. Call
K 12 insightArgumentative Essay
Did you know that the Park City pool has been shut down and the city doesn’t have enough money to fix it? But yet they have enough money to build a whole brand new police building when they already have a fully functional building already? Yupp its true, they don’t have a couple grand to fix a pool but they have thousands and thousands of buckos to build a whole new building. Personally I think they would benefit from a pool more than the police building because not only would a police building not bring as much money, it won’t attract people to move here, plus we didn’t even get to vote on what happened.
Quite honestly I don’t see how building a new police station would bring in any money at all, and most of the Park City residents that I have talked to have agreed with that point. The pool on the other hand would bring in thousands in for the city each yeah that its open. You could not only have season or yearly passes to hand out at like 50 bucks or something but you could sell the pool out for parties or social gatherings. Then add those money incomes to the general admissions you could honestly make a lot more than a police station ever would. S money income would not only pay for itself, but it can double or if not triple the cost to fix it in the first year given people will be excited the first year to go see it open again.
Also to add to that last point, the people it would bring into Park City would blow population through the roof. People would also go to local businesses and make the market here skyrocket, which would also come back to money. It would encourage more people to come here and visit and put Park City more actually on the map and people would want to move here so we could/would have to expand city limits and make our town into an accomplished city. People would consider us more and maybe eventually we could have our own school district. The possibilities are…