MGT 527 Final Exam Questions

www.StudentWhiz.com1) A consultant is best described as
• a person who makes things happen within the organization
• someone who fixes what is wrong in an organization
• a person who has some influence but no direct power to make changes
• the person who owns the problem2) According to Block, every consulting project, regardless of size, must go through five phases. Why is that so important• This text is the supreme authority on consulting, so we should follow the advice given.
• The client would expect us to complete the five phases.
• It is only by completing each step in each phase that we can be assured of delivering competent consulting advice.
• Having a methodology is essential for any project to succeed.
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• To kick off the project and meet all stakeholders
• To discuss past performance by getting to know each other
• To explore the problem and to determine whether the consultant is the right4) According to Block, the feedback and decision to act phase of the five phases of consulting includes which of the following• Setting up ultimate goals and selecting the best action
• Setting up large amounts of data and selecting an alternative action
• Determining what feedback to offer and suggesting decisions
• Offering suggestions on the issues and how to decide to act5) Journals, abstracts, scholarly books, and the materials located in the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) are examples of ______ sources.
• primary
• secondary
• tertiary
• general
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• Ask your boss where to start.
• Copy other…