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www.uophelp.comMKT 431 Week 1 Individual Assignment Business Opportunity Paper (2 Papers)

MKT 431 Week 2 Team Assignment Trends and Conditions Paper (2 Papers)

MKT 431 Week 3 Individual Assignment Niche MARKETING and Customer Involvement Presentation (2 Presentation)

MKT 431 Week 4 Team Assignment Memo to Business Partners (2 Papers)

MKT 431 Week 5 Team Assignment Marketing YOUR BUSINESS Paper (2 Papers)

MKT 431 Week 5 Individual Assignment Ethics and Product Consumption Paper (2 Papers)

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www.uophelp.comFINAL EXAM MKT431 (10 points) – Fill in the Blank
Student’s Name _____ ____________________
1. Unlike traditional research, the entrepreneurial approach recognizes that customers are emotional, not just rational, and their feelings and instincts influence their __________.

2. Word of mouth (WOM) is essentially a ________ _________ with information passing from one individual to another, then to another—the oldest method of MARKETING in a snail-mail world.

3. The “Red Queen” runs and runs and runs—relentlessly. Chances are you can identify with this feeling. Like the Red Queen, we live in a world of breathtaking change as a result of ever faster cycles of innovation and ________________.

4. Education is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of developed work economies, and the ________________ in good education have never been greater. For every year of education, wages increase by a worldwide average of 10%.

5. Traditional MARKETING logic was simple: the MARKETER acts as agent of the company by managing the 4 P’s as variables with which to attract customers and build loyalties—the customer is viewed as a fish to be caught, a pawn in the ongoing struggle between competing firms in search of superior profits…